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Body Fat

Body Fat

Body fat is one of the most stubborn components of our bodies. It can be accumulated rapidly, and before you know it, your body shape has changed. But eliminating it is entirely another ordeal. Even with regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet, pockets of fat can remain on your body.

At Simi Doctors, we are proud to offer patients ways to deal with body fat without the need for surgery. By using non-surgical treatments, we can help you reach your ideal look in a safer, healthier way. Your journey to finally reaching your goals starts here. For individuals in search of a safe and efficient fat removal solution near me in Simi Valley, our clinic stands conveniently situated on E Los Angeles Ave near Ralphs.



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Why Is Body Fat So Stubborn?

On a physiological level, stubborn pockets of fat are physiologically different from the rest of your body fat. That is why you can see some fat melt away in days, while other pockets of fat can take months to see only minor improvements. No matter how hard you try, some areas of body fat simply won’t seem to reduce despite your effort.

The reason is because of the receptors on the cells. These stubborn pockets have a higher ratio of receptors that inhibit fat-burning. That means even when you are exercising and eating healthy, they will persist and refuse to disappear.

Your hormones also have a significant impact on how readily you can burn fat. Estrogen encourages the body to hang on to fat, which is also why body fat can be more stubborn for women than men. Also, if you have high levels of stress, your body will produce more of the hormone cortisol. Like estrogen, cortisol makes your body stubbornly keep pockets of fat.

Why Avoid Surgical Treatments?

Surgical ways of dealing with fat can produce results, but they put a great deal of strain on the body. Liposuction is a popular treatment for body fat, but it does come with a cost beyond the price tag. As it is an invasive treatment, it often requires additional requirements for a patient to do it safely. Also, you can expect to spend days to weeks in recovery and downtime.

There is also always the risk of complications with surgery. While surgical methods can produce great results for some patients, there are excellent non-surgical alternatives to these invasive procedures.

quote symbol imageHealth is a precious gift and prevention is the best medicine

Non-Surgical Treatments for Body Fat

Modern medical advancements have allowed us to develop a wide range of non-surgical ways to treat stubborn fat. From freezing fat to ultrasound, you can now deal with fat more easily than ever.

At Simi Doctors, our preferred non-surgical body fat treatment uses Sculpsure with Warmsculpting. Using advanced medical laser technology, we can destroy fat cells without a single incision.

Situated in proximity to E Los Angeles and Sycamore Dr, near Ralphs, Simi Doctors operates as a trusted hub catering to the local community for effective fat removal near me in Simi Valley.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Body Fat Treatments

Our non-invasive laser treatments come with a range of benefits, especially when compared to surgical methods. Unlike surgery, our treatments involve:

  • No incisions or scarring
  • No blood loss
  • No downtime

Instead of being a risky interruption like liposuction, non-surgical treatment is quick, convenient, and effective. Each treatment session typically lasts under an hour, and you can return to your daily life immediately. There is no need to lie in bed for days waiting for your body to recover. Instead, you can get back to life one step closer to achieving your ideal self.

Body fat treatments can also be combined with other non-surgical treatments. For example, it is popular to combine it with skin tightening to achieve enhanced results and body definition.

What Should I Do If I Have Stubborn Body Fat?

The first step to reaching your goals is to schedule a consultation. During your individual meeting with one of our experts, we work closely with you to realize your expectations. Based on your goals, we develop a personally tailored treatment plan.

When you work with one of the trained experts at Simi Doctors, you can count on having the best treatment for your individual needs. We only provide the latest and most effective treatments for dealing with stubborn pockets of fat. Every step of the way, we provide you with complete information on your plan. So you will never be in the dark about any step in the process and about what you can expect from your results.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you have stubborn pockets of body fat, don’t hesitate to schedule your consultation today. We understand the importance of having your body match your ideal aesthetic, especially after the effort put into weight-loss. So, our focus is on helping every patient achieve an appearance that they can be proud of. Call us today to get started on your path to finalizing your ideal body. We look forward to helping you deal with body fat once and for all.


Located in Simi Valley



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