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Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening

Our bodies can change due to a variety of causes. Whether from age, genetics, or childbirth you may notice significant changes in your vaginal area. While these are often cosmetic changes, they can still have significant effects on your quality of life and sexual health. That’s why we are excited to provide a non-invasive alternative to surgery. With non-surgical vaginal tightening, you can improve the look and feel of your more intimate parts.

At Simi Doctors, we focus on providing only the latest and most advanced revitalization treatments to our patients. The innovative non-surgical system we use requires no downtime and provides you with rejuvenated long-term results. Schedule your personal consultation today to learn more about skin revitalization by calling Simi Doctors or using the online booking feature.



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Located in Simi Valley

What Is Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening?

It is a safer yet effective way to improve the appearance and feel of your vaginal area. While surgical methods do exist, they often come with several downsides. With surgery, you not only have an increased risk of complications but need to spend time in recovery. This period of downtime interferes with both your daily routine life and your sexual life.

With non-surgical vaginal tightening, you can achieve vaginal rejuvenation in a safer, convenient way. There are no incisions or invasive techniques. Instead, we use an advanced laser system to deliver even and targeted rejuvenation to our patients.

How Does It Work?

At Simi Doctors, we believe in using only the latest and most effective techniques for our treatments. That’s why we use the TempSureVitalia system by Cynosure. By gently delivering radiofrequency energy to target areas, we can tighten and rejuvenate the skin. With the advanced settings of the TempSure setting, we can ensure a comfortable process from start to finish.

Benefits of the TempSure System

A Gentle Process
  • Treatment is well-tolerated even by sensitive individuals
  • No need for anesthesia
  • Soft, non-ablative lasers encourage gentle rejuvenation
Unparalleled Convenience
  • Resume your daily life immediately
  • Powerful results, short treatment sessions
  • Virtually no interruption to your sex life

With non-surgical vaginal tightening, you can finally take back control over your body. By taking these steps, you can start toward achieving renewed confidence and sexual self-esteem.

quote symbol imageHealth is a precious gift and prevention is the best medicine

Vaginal rejuvenation should be an exciting time in your life. Not one marred by worries about pain, incisions, and recovery. So with non-surgical vaginal tightening, you don’t need to worry about any of that. When using radiofrequency instead of surgery, you can count on:

  • No incisions
  • No scarring
  • Quick and comfortable treatment sessions
  • No downtime or lengthy recovery period
  • A safe and effective experience

When Will I See Results?

Most patients report a significant improvement after even a single session. However, your final results may take some time to appear as your body responds to the treatment. While some patients may need only a couple of treatments, others may need several to reach their aesthetic goals.

During your consultation, our experts work with you to develop a personalized plan. We listen carefully to your goals, then create a treatment plan that will help you reach them. Every step, we keep you fully informed of what to expect. So you will always be able to make your decisions with confidence and comfort.

Once you see your results, they are long-lasting. Most patients report seeing results that last for months to years. However, we also recommend the occasional touch-up treatment to maintain your results for years to come.

Is Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening Right for Me?

If you want to see improvements in the look and function of your vaginal area, then this treatment is for you. Below are just a few of the signs that you could significantly benefit from this treatment.

  • Vaginal looseness (from childbirth, genetics, or menopause)
  • Uncomfortable dryness during intercourse
  • Trouble achieving orgasm
  • Incontinence when you sneeze, cough, or exercise
  • Loss of confidence in intimacy
  • Loss of sex drive due to decreased satisfaction with vaginal appearance

Being confident in your vaginal area is key to a healthy sexual life. Any decrease in confidence here can lead to dissatisfaction with your sex life overall. With non-surgical vaginal tightening, you can take back control over your body. Our patients report increased sexual confidence, which positively influences your overall self-esteem.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

The first step to achieving vaginal rejuvenation is scheduling a consultation. When you meet with one of the Simi Doctors experts, we closely listen to your needs. Then we put together a treatment plan that perfectly matches your needs. We provide complete information about all our treatments, so you can always make decisions with comfort and confidence.

Being confident in your appearance is vital for every part of your body. For women’s health, it is all the more important. Call us today to learn more about non-surgical vaginal tightening. We look forward to helping you achieve newfound confidence in your body.


Located in Simi Valley



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