Can Exercise Reduce My Double Chin?

Many people suffer from double chins, which can be embarrassing and embarrassing. These can be difficult to manage with just diet and exercise. As do the cheeks, eyelids, and neck area, they age just as quickly. Many people do not use moisturizers or sunscreens in this area. This can accelerate the aging process. There is also gravity to be aware of. Due to the downward pressure, the skin around the neck or chin may sag more than other areas. So can exercise reduce my double chin?

Can Exercise Reduce My Double Chin?

At our med spa in Simi Valley, we offer several non-surgical treatments to rejuvenate your chin and make you look younger and more confident. We will answer the common question, “Can exercise reduce my double-chin?” Keep reading to find out more!

What is a Double Chin? What Causes It?

Double chin refers to a condition in which fat builds up and causes skin flaps to hang below the chin. Double chins can be linked to weight gain. You don’t have to be obese to have one. You can also have a double chin due to genetics, or the loss of skin from aging.

A double chin is the accumulation of fat between your neck and your face. Double chins are most commonly thought to be caused by obesity. However, it could also be due to genetics. A person with a shorter jawline and a weaker, deeper chin is more likely to have excess fat under their chins. Natural aging and lifestyle factors can lead to a double-chin.

Exercises That Help Reduce Chin Fat

Some exercises can work to tone down some of that bulky fat under your chin. However, don’t get discouraged when they don’t get rid of your fat completely. In some cases, a double chin may need to be removed using one of our top-notch, non-surgical procedures. In the meantime, you can practice some of these chin and neck exercises at home to spark the weight loss process:

Face-Lift Exercise

This exercise strengthens the muscles that surround the upper lips and prevents them from sagging. When you are doing this exercise, spread your lips wide and open your nose. This position should be held for approximately 10 seconds before you let go.

Roll the Tongue

Keep your head straight and roll your tongue towards your nose as far as you can. Continue the process for 10 seconds. Try to repeat it several times until you get tired.

Chewing Gum

When you chew gum, you are putting your mouth through a constant motion of moving up and down. This can tighten the skin around your mouth and chin, helping to tone down the area over time. It may even help you lose weight in your chin.

Our Medical Treatments for Double Chin

Simi Doctors offers non-surgical, in-office solutions to remove excess fat under your chin. Surgery often comes with many risks and requires long recovery times. That is why our Simi Doctors offer a safer, but still highly effective, alternative to surgery. Our popular SculpSure technology uses heat to eliminate fat cells below the skin’s surface. This does not create any leftover scars or incisions.

The SculpSure submental attachment during your treatment to heat the fat cells underneath your chin. This permanently destroys their structure and makes it impossible for the area to continue storing stubborn fat in the future. Within 2 months or less, your double chin will completely disappear!

Reduce Stubborn Fat with a Double Chin Procedure Today!

Looking for a non-surgical method for double chin removal in Simi Valley? You’ve come to the right place! Our state-of-the-art systems are designed to sculpt your body into a more pleasing shape without giving you any more pain or trauma to deal with. Start your healing journey by getting in touch with one of our experts today.

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