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Wrinkle Removal

One of the earliest and surest signs of aging is wrinkles. We can begin developing wrinkles on almost any part of our body. While wrinkles are not physically harmful, they can certainly have a psychological effect. Even though we still feel young and alive inside, our physical appearance presents a different picture. But with our wrinkle removal or wrinkle reduction treatment, you can match your outer appearance with your vibrant inner self.

At Simi Doctors, we believe in providing only the best rejuvenation treatments to our patients. We focus on approaching each patient as an individual, working closely with them to determine their perfect treatment. We pride ourselves on making your aesthetic goals our goals, and use cutting-edge treatments and technologies to make them come true.



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What Is Wrinkle Removal?

At Simi Doctors, we target wrinkles through two main methods: laser treatment and injectables.

Laser Wrinkle Reduction

Using the Icon laser by Cynosure, we provide non-invasive but powerful wrinkle reduction. But how do lasers make you look younger? It has to do with collagen. This vital protein is key to keeping your skin smooth and firm, but our bodies make less of it as we age. Over time, your skin will become looser and wrinkled.

However, laser wrinkle reduction is a way to encourage your body to rejuvenate itself. Using only the natural power of heat, the Icon laser sends energy deep into your skin. Your body and cells naturally absorb this energy. As a result, it responds naturally by tightening existing collagen and encouraging the production of new collagen.

You will look younger and fresher with each treatment. All of this can be achieved without a single incision or surgical method! Instead, your own body will be rebuilding itself to look younger and younger.


Another popular way to reduce wrinkles is through using injectables. Dermal fillers are injectables that use hyaluronic acid to restore volume loss and improve loose or sagging skin. This option is increasingly popular among younger patients who want to take preventative measures before wrinkles even show up. But they are also useful for treating existing fine lines and wrinkles around the facial area.

Another option that has been popular for years is to use Botox or similar injectables to gradually smooth wrinkles over time. This type of wrinkle remover works by reducing the activity of muscles that form wrinkles.

To learn what type of wrinkle removal works best for you, come in for a consultation. We can listen to your goals and examine your situation to put together an ideal treatment plan.

quote symbol imageHealth is a precious gift and prevention is the best medicine

Benefits of Non-Surgical Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

While surgical methods do exist, they come with a range of risks and downsides. With non-surgical wrinkle reduction, you avoid all of those for a safer yet effective treatment. Below you can find some of the key benefits of this treatment.

  • No incision scars
  • Virtually no downtime
  • Quick and convenient treatment
  • Powerful results
  • Natural rejuvenation
  • Less strain on the body
Before and after image of Scar and wrinkles around eyes after 3 treatments image

Scar and wrinkles around eyes after 3 treatments

Treatment Process & Results

We personally customize each treatment for every patient. However, most treatments take far less than an hour, with most being only about 30 minutes. Injectables tend to be faster than laser treatments. However, it depends on your unique treatment plan.

During your treatment session, we use the Icon laser to send energy into your target areas. Or we inject your fillers into the targeted areas to produce the desired results.

Since the treatment is non-invasive, you don’t even need to worry about general anesthesia. Instead, we typically only use a topical cream to ensure a comfortable experience. Once your treatment is over, you can go home the same day.

You can return to your daily life almost immediately. Most patients only experience minor redness or swelling after treatment (for both laser treatment and injectables). But even these should go away within a day or two. We will provide you with a full list of instructions to ensure you achieve optimal results.

Results for Laser Wrinkle Reduction

Most patients report seeing noticeable improvements after only a single session. However, your total number of treatments depends on your goals, and it can take time for your final results to show. Since the core of the procedure is encouraging new collagen production, you will see continually improving results in the weeks to come. As your body produces more collagen, you should see your wrinkles lighten more and more.

Your results should last for months or even years. However, aging never stops. So we often recommend for patients to come in for touch-up treatments to maintain their rejuvenated appearance. This way, you can continue to enjoy smooth and firm skin that matches the liveliness you feel in your true self.

Results for Injectables

If you have chosen dermal fillers, you should see improvements right away. Dermal fillers often also boost collagen production, so you should see improvements in the coming days as well. Botox can provide immediate results, but it takes time for the final results to appear as your body adjusts to the injectable and the decreased muscle usage in target areas.

Your results can last for months to years, depending on factors such as:

  • What type of filler you use
  • Your age at the time of treatment
  • Your activity levels (milder activity levels mean longer results)

Is Wrinkle Reduction Right for Me?

If you have wrinkles that you’d like to reduce, then this treatment is for you. One of its advantages is that it is open to a wide range of patients. In fact, more and more younger patients are electing to prevent wrinkles before they even happen. After all, prevention is always easier.

The first step to see if wrinkle reduction is right for you is to come in for a consultation. We will listen to your goals and put together a personally tailored plan to match your needs. We will keep you fully informed every step of the way. From how many treatment sessions you will need to what results to expect, you will never be kept in the dark.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you are living with increased wrinkles, then don’t hesitate to schedule your consultation today. Our focus is on helping every patient achieve an appearance that they can be proud of. We understand that wrinkling can have a significant impact on your overall quality of life. We work closely with you to help you achieve smoother and younger-looking skin. Call us today to get started on your path to clearer skin and wrinkle reduction. We look forward to helping you!


Located in Simi Valley



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