How to Diagnose Rosacea

Rosacea is a fairly common skin condition that looks like blushing or flushing on the face. It consists of tiny red bumps and broken blood vessels, causing a mass of redness that makes people want to hide. Fortunately, our med spa in Simi Valley offers dynamic treatments and care solutions to reduce the spread of rosacea on your skin. But first, you should know how to diagnose rosacea in the first place.

How to Diagnose Rosacea

There are no specific tests or labs that need to be done in order to properly diagnose your skin condition. Instead, your doctor will look at some of the visible symptoms of rosacea and examine your skin in order to make a proper diagnosis. They may also take your medical history into account, as existing conditions may make you predisposed towards rosacea.

While there is no specific test for rosacea, there are other medical conditions with similar symptoms that your doctor may want to test for in order to rule out all other options. Eliminating the likelihood of other conditions makes it easier for your dermatologist to properly diagnose rosacea.

Rosacea Symptoms

Are you suspicious that you may be dealing with rosacea? It is a common skin condition, so there is nothing to be afraid of. You may find this condition to be annoying, uncomfortable, or unsightly, which is why our med spa experts recommend seeking professional treatment right away.

The most apparent symptoms of rosacea include:

  • Visible veins on the face
  • Facial blushing or constant flushing
  • Burning sensation in the affected area
  • Swollen red bumps on the face
  • Swollen nose and cheek areas
  • Thickening skin

Rosacea often mimics the symptoms of bad acne, which could cause a lot of discomfort for daily living. Be sure to get in touch with a medical professional ASAP so you can start the best treatment process.

Rosacea Treatment Options

Your dermatologists and skin treatment professionals can offer several ways to treat rosacea. While there is no sure-fire cure that will get rid of it for good, there are plenty of things you can do to reduce your symptoms and prevent another outbreak.


Your doctor may prescribe topical drugs that will reduce the rate of redness and flushing while relieving pain. Certain medications can reduce the severity of your rosacea outbreak, but they cannot prevent outbreaks altogether.

Avoiding Triggers

The biggest thing you can do to prevent another outbreak is to identify and eliminate rosacea triggers. For some, this may be cold wind blowing on the face or prolonged exposure to the heat. Others are affected by spicy foods or staying all day in the sun. Protecting yourself against these triggers, while also avoiding potential causes, can significantly reduce your likelihood of rosacea.

Laser Therapy

Advanced laser therapy treats rosacea by reducing the size of enlarged blood vessels on the face, which can reduce the physical traits that make rosacea such a bother to deal with. It takes a few weeks to notice the full effects of laser therapy, but it is the most effective treatment for getting rid of rosacea.

Get the Best Treatment for Your Skin Today

Rosacea can be an annoying, unsightly, and even painful experience. A bad outbreak could cause enlarged blood vessels and red bumps that make your skin look flushed. You can seek out innovative rosacea treatment in Simi Valley when you contact our Simi Doctors today. We focus on medical and aesthetic treatments that can reduce your symptoms, prevent future outbreaks, and rejuvenate your skin for your better health. You deserve to enjoy the way you feel – and look!

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