Is Spider Vein Removal Painful?

Spider veins are caused when capillaries under the skin are damaged, causing ungainly patterns to appear on the surface of the skin. Generally considered to be unattractive and obnoxious, they are more commonly found on adults over the age of 50, but have the potential to appear on anyone of any age. Later, we examine the question: is spider vein removal painful?

Is Spider Vein Removal Painful?

Although spider veins are not medically dangerous per se, they can have significant negative consequences on someone’s quality of life by decreasing confidence and increasing self-consciousness about one’s appearance.

For these reasons, many find that spider vein removal becomes a priority despite the fact that they are not medically dangerous.

Thankfully, spider veins can be removed via a number of different avenues. In the past, this procedure has had a reputation of being somewhat uncomfortable and painful, but with advances in laser technology, you can now have your spider veins removed with minimal discomfort and pain. At Simi Doctors Med Spa, we proudly offer non-surgical vein removal options.

Below is a summary of some of the relevant information available regarding this exciting practice that is helping people remove these troublesome veins.

Laser Treatment for Removing Spider Veins

Fear of discomfort has historically been one of the main deterrents preventing people from seeking out treatment for their spider vein problems.

Thankfully, advances in medical science have brought laser treatments to the point where they can safely and efficiently remove spider veins with minimal invasive pain.

Laser treatment involves focusing a strong beam of light on the veins, causing them to clot and subsequently clear up. The total clear up of the veins can take some time after the initial treatment, sometimes taking as long as 6 weeks to fully transpire.

Many patients report minimal amounts of discomfort from laser treatment, comparing the level of pain to that of a mild sunburn. For this reason, laser treatment is quickly becoming the most popular way to treat and eliminate spider veins.

One of the main advantages to laser treatments in general is that they can impact areas below the surface of the skin without affecting the outer layer of the skin.

Thus, problems like spider veins become easy to manage without the need to resort to invasive surgery.

The Process of Obtaining a Treatment

Your treatment will begin with a consultation with your provider, where they observe the areas in your skin where spider veins have developed in order to compose a plan for the procedure.

They’ll follow this up by subsequently booking you for your actual procedure. The procedure is relatively quick, and typically takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

After your initial treatment, you should start to see improvement in the appearance of your spider veins almost immediately, with some of them possibly completely disappearing within 6 weeks of your initial procedure.

Spider Veins: Where Do They Come From?

Spider veins occur when the blood vessels that exist beneath the surface of the skin burst. This phenomenon can be provoked in a number of different ways.

A spider vein becomes visible once the valves in the vein stop working correctly, which causes blood to coagulate, branching out and eventually showing up more.

One of the main reasons that veins can develop is if certain areas of the body are subject to undue pressure due to the patient being overweight. For this reason, maintaining a healthy weight is once again encouraged in order to prevent their development.

Spider veins can also appear due to damage incurred on the skin from overexposure to the sun.

Preventing The Development of Future Veins

There are a number of precautions that you can take in order to help to minimize the development of spider veins on your skin. Some of these preventative measures include:

  • Using sunscreen to prevent damage to the blood vessels under the skin
  • Avoiding wearing overly tight clothing that is restrictive on the skin
  • Getting plenty of exercise to ensure proper blood circulation and prevent weight gain
  • Avoid spending too much time in high-heat environments like saunas or hot tubs

Taking these easy-to-remember safeguards to heart can help you to maintain healthy skin that will be less prone to the development of spider veins.

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