What Causes Belly Fat? How to Remove It?

There may be stubborn fat deposits in various areas of your body. It can be difficult to lose stubborn fat. This could hinder you from reaching your goals. Even if you exercise regularly and adhere to strict diets, stubborn weight can still be a problem. Your trusted Simi Valley med spa will help you answer one of the biggest questions we hear on a daily basis: What causes belly fat? How to remove it safely?

What Causes Belly Fat? How to Remove It?

Gender, hormones, and genetics all play a role in how difficult it is for fat pockets to disappear. The blog below explains the biology behind fat cells and the reasons why some areas are more difficult to treat. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about non-invasive ways to reduce stubborn fat deposits.

What is Belly Fat?

Fat cells contain two receptors. These receptors instruct the cell on how to use the fat stored. Alpha-2 receptors in the cell tell it to keep the fat for future use. The beta-2 receptors enable the cell to use fat as energy. Each fat cell has one of these receptors. Each cell might have one or more of these receptors. Alpha-2 receptors are more common in areas of harder-to-remove fat deposits. These receptors tell the cells to retain the fat. Contrary to popular belief, fat cells with higher Beta-2-receptors respond better to healthy eating, exercise, and the immediate release of their fat.

The Top Causes of Belly Fat

Many people struggle with excess fat in various areas of their bodies. Although some people do exercise and eat a strict diet, others don’t see the results that they want. Understanding the causes of stubborn accumulation can help you create a plan to achieve your body.

These are the most frequent reasons:

Too Much Alcohol

Drinking excessive alcohol can cause a variety of health problems such as inflammation and liver disease. According to a 2015 report on alcohol intake and obesity, excessive alcohol intake can cause people to gain weight in their stomachs. This leads to a buildup of excess fat. Although this is more common in men, it can happen to anyone.

Insufficient Exercise

People who consume more calories than they burn will gain more weight. Inactivity can make it more difficult to lose fat around the abdomen. You should get at most a minimal amount of exercise each day by engaging in some form of physical activity.


There is evidence that obesity may be linked to genes. Scientists believe genes can influence metabolism and fat behavior.


To manage stress, the body uses a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol ends up released by the body when someone experiences severe stress. This can lead to a decrease in metabolism.

How to Lose Belly Fat the Right Way

There are many safe and efficient ways to lose fat. The most popular procedures for reducing fat are non-invasive, minimally-invasive options such as liposuction or abdominal tightening. These treatments completely remove fat cells from your body in a seamless way, leaving little scarring and minimal impact on your body.

These treatments are not intended to reduce fat cells or weight loss. These fat-reduction techniques actually remove fat cells from your body. This is the only way you can truly lose stubborn fat.

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You may be interested to learn more about abdominal tightening. Our friendly experts will help you understand how fat is formed and what treatment options are best to achieve the body you desire. Invest in our services for body fat reduction in Simi Valley and find out how you can benefit from easy and comfortable belly fat removal.

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