Why Do I Have Stretch Marks But Am Skinny?

Whenever your skin has gone through major weight gain or weight loss, it might leave behind some stretch marks. These long stretches of tissue are tightened spots on the skin that don’t seem to ever smooth out over time. Red, purple, pink, or white, you know a stretch mark when you see one. So have you wondered: why do I have stretch marks but am skinny?

Why Do I Have Stretch Marks But Am Skinny?

But one question that a lot of our patients who visit our med spa in Simi Valley ask all the time is, “Why do I have stretch marks but am skinny”? It is understandable to deal with stretch marks after a major bodily event such as pregnancy or physical trauma. But what if you haven’t gone through changes and you still have stretch marks? Where did they come from, and how should they be treated? Below, your trusted Simi doctors will offer some vital information and solutions to help you figure out what is going on with your body.

Why Stretch Marks Happen

There are a lot of different causes of stretch marks that most people don’t know about. Aside from the obvious causes like pregnancy and rapid weight change, a few other reasons why stretch marks might appear include:

  • Genetics or a hereditary condition
  • Having overly dry skin
  • Having previous damage or injury to the skin
  • Overexposure to the sun
  • Quick muscle growth due to strenuous workouts

No matter the reason for your stretch marks, our team of med spa specialists can help you remove them for a smooth and rejuvenated appearance. Bodies of all shapes, sizes, and genders can get stretch marks for any number of reasons, so it’s important not to judge yourself and to seek help from a professional instead.

Non-Surgical Stretch Mark Solutions

The most effective way to remove large or small stretch marks might be to get in touch with your professionals at your earliest convenience. But while you wait for a tailor-made solution to help you look and feel your best, there are a few techniques you can try to remove stretch marks at home:


Body makeup can cover up some of your blemishes in a pinch. While this is not a permanent or long-term solution, it can help you more easily visualize the changes you want to make to your body and understand how a longer-term treatment would make you feel.

Spray Tanning

While we don’t recommend laying under the sun’s rays for an extended period of time, fake tanning solutions can help cover up some of the scars that might appear as a result of old stretch marks. Spray-on tans can be used to shape and contour your body, helping you achieve a more pleasing aesthetic result.

Body Wraps

Holistic healing opportunities like body wraps and tea baths may work to loosen the skin, improve the production of collagen, and reduce some of your stretch marks. This is a method that some people try before resorting to surgical treatments.

If you do feel that surgery is the right option for you, get in touch with your trusted medspa professionals today to learn more about your stretch mark removal options. Our surgeries are as minimally invasive as possible, offering long-term results with hardly any downtime required.

Reach Out to Your Simi Doctors Today

If you are skinny and have stretch marks, you’re not alone. And don’t worry – you can get rid of those blemishes on your skin ASAP. Reach out to our friendly staff members and ask us about top treatments for stretch marks removal in Simi Valley today. You deserve to feel good, inside and out – and we will create a customized treatment plan that brings out your best self.

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