Why Do Scars Form? And How to Remove Them!

Whenever we are faced with a physical injury due to a cut, slice, or stab, we have an open wound. As that wound heals, new skin grows over the injured area. The most damaged part of the body does not heal but instead forms a scar that acts like a seal over that spot. Scars can pop up for a number of different reasons, whether from a recent surgical procedure or as a result of severe acne. No matter the reason, patients at our med spa in Simi Valley always ask: “Why do scars form?”

Why Do Scars Form?

Today, our Simi Doctor experts will talk about scarring as the body’s natural part of the healing process. We will also discuss the best rejuvenation treatments for your skin to help you get rid of scar tissue and prevent more serious scars from forming in the future.

The Scar Formation Process

The skin, also known as the dermis, contains collagen. This is a protein naturally produced by the body that encourages the healing and growing process throughout the layers of your skin. When your skin is damaged from an accident or a wound, collagen fibers rush to the site to mend the area. These fibers close and harden over the once-damaged area, forming a scar.

It is easy to recognize a scar by its look and texture; unlike the softness of your healthy skin, scars are usually tough and tight in comparison. This is because they are “dead” areas of the skin that will not grow back again.

Different Types of Scars

Scars can look and feel different depending on what caused them and their location on the body. The different types of scars include:

  • Pitted scars which come from acne, chickenpox, or other skin conditions and look like sunken or pitted spots
  • Fine-line scars are the most normal type of scars, looking like a thin raised line that gets more flat over time
  • Keloid scars happen when too much collagen tries to heal the wound, resulting in raised skin and discoloration

Depending on the type of scar you have, you can get easy treatment with your local med spa specialists. Some topical treatments may reduce scarring, and more advanced types of scarring can be healed with laser scar removal procedures.

How Laser Scar Removal Works

Visible scars that don’t subside over time can leave your skin a bumpy, discolored mess. The best treatment for your scars can include an innovative laser treatment that permanently removes scars and heals your skin without opening you up to the risks of surgery.

Laser scar removal is easy, safe, and quick: You can enjoy a comfortable medspa environment with experts who apply a laser to your skin to get rid of scars and reduce its effect on your skin. Once you’re done, you can go right back to your daily activities as there is no recovery time required. Plus, side effects are very minimal and there is zero risk of getting additional scars from this process.

Get Laser Scar Removal Treatment in Simi Valley

Scars can form after a sudden injury, an accident, or a skin condition that causes lesions in the skin. If you are sick and tired of dealing with stiff and bumpy scars all over your body, you can invest in high-tech scar revision in Simi Valley with our medspa specialists today.

Learn about the fast and effective treatment when you get in touch with our doctors for a one-on-one consultation. With no recovery time required, you can go right back to work without suffering from much discomfort or pain. If you have more questions about effective scar removal treatments, get in touch with us today!

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