Why Does Our Skin Start to Sag?

The signs of aging happen to us every day, but some signs are more obvious than others. Some of these changes are to be expected, like stiff joints and dwindling vision. Others, like sagging skin, are often met with a lot of questions. Why does our skin start to sag like that? What can be done to prevent it? Is there any way that skin sags can be reversed?

Why Does Our Skin Start to Sag?

Patients who visit our top-rated Simi Valley med spa are met by a personal team of care professionals who are ready to answer all of these questions and more. From loss of muscle to loss of skin volume, there are a few reasons why you might start to experience some sags. Keep reading to find out what causes it and what you can do about it.

Skin and Collagen

The main ingredient responsible for keeping your skin strong, tight, and smooth is collagen. Collagen is naturally produced by the body and is used to make skin and hair bright. As you age, your body naturally starts to produce less and less collagen on its own.

A similar chemical, elastin, is also found in the skin and helps it retain its tightness. As time goes on, the levels of elastin and collagen start to go down. This makes it harder for your skin to retain its once form-fitting shape. Many treatments for sagging skin involve the use of collagen to reinvigorate the skin and muscles. This helps your body get back to its more youthful state.

Skin and Aging

While the loss of collagen over time is one of the main factors leading to saggy skin, it is not the only sign that you might need some med spa services. In fact, the loss of volume around your body is another huge sign of aging. It is a scientific fact that your body loses volume as you age, meaning that certain areas like your cheeks may not be as full as they once were. This can cause all of the excess skin to sag as gravity takes its toll.

Not to mention, your muscles can also weaken over time as they are bogged down by years of pressure and weight, making it more difficult for the skin to form around them. But not all hope is lost – there are ways to treat sagging skin at your local medical center ASAP!

Best Treatments for Sagging Skin

We are proud to offer a number of non-invasive, non-surgical solutions to help you restore your skin back to a silky smooth sine. Our skin tightening techniques offer fast-acting solutions while using advanced machinery to get you back into shape ASAP. Other procedures involve the use of lasers or light energy to break apart blemishes in the skin and encourage the production of extra collagen.

Using our next-generation skincare treatments, we can help you feel rejuvenated just about anywhere on the body. Whether you have sagging eyelids or you are dealing with saggy skin on your back, there is no area too difficult to treat with our innovative solutions.

Visit Simi Valley Med Spa for Top-Notch Treatment

Sagging skin is, unfortunately, one of the earliest signs of aging that people start to notice. There remainss nothing wrong with aging naturally. Still, wrinkles and sags can cause many people to start losing their sense of self-confidence. If you are looking to restore your self-esteem and look good while doing it, you might be the perfect candidate for skin tightening in Simi Valley. Get in touch with our friendly professionals today and ask about our innovative skin sag treatments. We want to pamper you the way you deserve!

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