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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment in Simi Valley

Medical advances continue to improve patient outcomes in their efforts against hair loss. Each improvement allows for more natural-looking restorations, more comfortable procedures, and longer-lasting results. At Simi Doctors, we provide an FDA-approved solution for hair loss treatment in Simi Valley—Alma TED.

What Is Alma TED?

The Alma TED (TransEpidermal Delivery) system is a non-invasive solution for patients facing progressive hair loss. Unlike surgical procedures, Alma TED is an ultrasound-based system that focuses on revitalizing the scalp with growth factors to stimulate improved hair growth.

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Located in Simi Valley

Clinical Validation

Alma TED has an extensive clinical track record of success, with results that include:

  • 96% of subjects reported noticeable hair growth.
  • 98% of subjects experienced reduced shedding.

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How Does It Work?

The Alma TED system works through two key steps: opening skin channels and then delivering a hair growth formula into the scalp. The first part works through a process called acoustic cavitation, which uses ultrasonic sound waves and air pressure produced by the system to open the scalp’s skin channels. The unique blend of growth formula, comprised of peptides, nutrients, and growth factors, is then sent into the scalp. Together, these elements stimulate local blood flow, improve scalp health, and activate hair follicles.

The result is hair that grows in more thickly, filling out your scalp with restored hair volume. The entire process is non-invasive, with no incisions, bleeding, or scarring.

What Is the Treatment Like?

Patients report their Alma TED treatment sessions to be painless. While the nutrient blend is driven about 4 mm into the scalp, it does so without invasive methods. Since the process is driven by cavitation (opening the skin’s fibers enough for the nutrients to pass through), there is no need for anesthesia. While patients may experience some mild sensations, it should not reach even the level of being considered discomfort. A typical treatment session only lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. Following treatment, we recommend not washing your hair or using coloring products on it for at least 24 hours, as the skin channels need to fully close first.

For some patients, we may recommend supplementary treatments to improve their outcomes. Usually, this involves therapies such as topical treatments or personalized scalp care.

Benefits of Alma TED Hair Restoration

  • Painless and quick treatment sessions
  • No downtime or recovery period
  • No scarring, bleeding, or tissue damage
  • Clinically proven effectiveness for hair growth
  • Improved scalp and hair follicle health
  • Notable boosts to hair volume and appearance
  • Safe treatment
  • Natural-looking results

Located in Simi Valley

When Can I See the Results?

We approach each patient’s case with the mindset of delivering a tailored treatment regimen. Hair loss occurs on a gradual spectrum, and the best way to address it can vary from one patient to the next. With this patient-centric approach, we aim to help you see notable results quickly while also focusing on a long-term positive outcome. Most of our patients will see initial improvements in hair growth within about 1 month.

An important element of treatment is maintaining your regiment. This usually involves having a set of 3 treatments spread across a period of 3 months, with one treatment every 4 weeks. While this can vary, this regimen tends to be the most effective across a range of patients. During this time, patients should see continued improvements in hair volume, thickness, and overall appearance. After this period, we can evaluate your progress and provide additional recommendations if needed.

Is Alma TED Hair Treatment Right for Me?

If you have begun noticing thinner and thinner hair in the mirror each day, then this treatment could be a solution for you. Alma TED hair restoration in Simi Valley is best for patients who are in the early to middle stages of hair loss. Since the procedure focuses on revitalizing active hair follicles and improving the volume of hair, it is important to have a certain degree of hair still.

We encourage patients to start with a consultation at our practice. During this personal meeting, we can discuss your situation and examine your scalp to check its health and the state of your hair follicles. Based on the discussion and our findings, we can work with you to settle on an optimized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. However, since the treatment is best for earlier stages of hair loss, we recommend reaching out as soon as possible.

Additionally, the treatment is beneficial for women and men alike, providing a path toward maintaining voluminous hair.

Book Your Consultation Today

Take the first step in treating your hair loss today by booking a consultation for Alma TED hair loss treatment in Simi Valley. Simi Doctors specializes in a range of nonsurgical approaches, allowing patients to look and feel at their best without the need for invasive techniques. Call our office or use our online form to schedule your consultation visit today.



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