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Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks are the body’s natural response to significant changes in weight. With stretch mark removal treatments you don’t have to live with them anymore. Through a safe and highly-effective non-surgical treatment, you can say goodbye to stretch marks.

Getting rid of your stretch marks begins with visiting an expert in the field. When you visit Simi Doctors, you receive only the highest quality of treatment and care. We work closely with each patient to identify your needs, and then we meet them with a tailored treatment plan. We believe every patient deserves to have skin they can be proud of, skin that matches their aesthetic goals. For patients seeking a solution through laser stretch mark removal near me in Simi Valley, our practice is here for you. Our convenient location near Ralphs on E Los Angeles Ave provides easy access for our patients.



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Located in Simi Valley

What Is Laser Stretch Mark Removal?

Our skin is flexible, but it has trouble adjusting to significant changes in weight. Both pregnancy and weight loss can result in your body having stretch marks. While they are not a medical issue, they can still have a strong impact on your quality of life. We want you to have skin you are proud to show off, and that is why we offer laser stretch mark removal.

Using the advanced Icon laser system by Cynosure, we can deliver stunning improvements to your stretch marks without the need for surgery. Using only the natural power of light and energy, we can reduce the visibility of stretch marks and encourage your skin to heal itself.

Using carefully measured pulses of energy, we can break down stretch marks in only a few treatment sessions. With each session, you will be closer to having skin you can’t wait to bare.

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Is Stretch Mark Removal For Me?

If you have stretch marks that are impacting your quality of life, then this treatment is for you. We understand the challenge that stretch marks can bring to your life, and we are here to help. Laser stretch mark removal is great for:

  • Pregnancy stretch marks: giving birth is a momentous occasion. But it is also one that leaves an impact on your body. With stretch mark removal, you can get back to your pre-baby body.
  • Weight loss: you have put in countless hours of work and determination to achieve your ideal body weight. But stretch marks may still be lingering. Unfortunately, no amount of dieting or exercise can get rid of them. But laser treatment can! You deserve to have a body you are fully confident in!

The first step to treating your stretch marks is to come in for a consultation. During your personal meeting, we work with you to develop a plan that perfectly matches your needs and aesthetic goals. We will let you know how many sessions you might need in order to see results, and what those results will look like when you reach them.

What Is Treatment Like?

Laser stretch mark removal treatment sessions are quick and comfortable. Most patients spend less than an hour for each treatment session, and then they resume their daily lives right after. Since we use only non-surgical methods for stretch mark removal, you do not need to worry about any interruptions to your daily life.

You don’t even need general anesthesia. So there is less strain on your body, and you can even drive yourself home after each treatment.

Your total number of sessions will depend on your individual situation. Some patients may reach their results after only a couple of treatments. However, for more severe stretch marks, you may need several to reach your goals.

When Will I See Results?

Most patients report seeing decreases in stretch mark visibility right after treatment. However, it will take several weeks for your full results to become apparent. As your body continues to heal and rebuild healthy skin after each treatment, you will see improvements week after week. Your stretch marks will continue to reduce in visibility with each session.

Once you see your results, they are there to stay. However, we recommend being sure to fully complete your treatment sessions to achieve the results you desire. If you again become pregnant or experience significant weight changes, you may see stretch marks appear once more. However, these are not the old ones returning, but your body responding to its changes. Achieve rejuvenated skin by visiting us at our convenient location near the Ralphs at the intersection of Sycamore Dr and E Los Angeles Ave for laser stretch mark removal near me in Simi Valley.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you are living with stretch marks, then don’t hesitate to schedule your consultation today. Our focus is on helping every patient achieve an appearance that they can be proud of. We understand that stretch marks can have a significant impact on your overall quality of life. We want you to be confident in your skin and your body. That’s why we work closely with each patient to help you achieve younger-looking and feeling skin. Call the Simi Doctors Med Spa today to get started on your path to the skin you deserve. We look forward to helping you!


Located in Simi Valley



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