10 Myths About Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are an obnoxious but ultimately harmless feature that can appear on one’s skin for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments available for diminishing or removing these features from the skin. Below, we cover 10 myths about stretch marks.

However, there are a number of misconceptions and myths surrounding these obnoxious marks that can make it difficult to properly administer treatment. Busting some of these myths leaves patients more informed and physicians more prepared to take action.

10 Myths About Stretch Marks

If you’re suffering from stretch marks and would like to know more about stretch mark removal, here are some common myths about them that it pays to watch out for.

1. Stretch Marks are Primarily Caused by Skin Stretching

This is a common misconception. Some of the other ways that stretch marks can begin to form is due to stress, medication, hormonal changes, and sometimes even genetics. Taking note of whether your parents have stretch marks can help you determine whether you will also develop them. There is no one primary cause for the development of stretch marks.

2. Stretch Marks Disappear When You Lose Weight

This myth comes from the misconception that if gaining weight leads to the development of stretch marks, then losing weight will lead to them disappearing again. However, this is, unfortunately, not how the body works. Losing weight will simply reduce the stretching on your skin. In fact, sometimes losing weight will actually exacerbate your marks.

3. Only Women Get Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can impact anyone of any gender should they be vulnerable to developing them. Some of the primary causes for developing stretch marks include weight gain, weight loss, puberty and hormonal disorders. Rapidly increasing muscle mass can also cause the development of stretch marks in both genders. If anything, because they produce less collagen, men will need more time to heal their marks.

4. Stretch Marks will Heal on Their Own

Most of the time, some kind of treatment is required to fully remove stretch marks and return your skin to its pristine state. Sometimes, these marks do actually fade on their own, however. You’ll need to discuss with your doctor what the likely scenario is in your case.

5. Stretch Marks Only Occur on The Stomach

Many folks seem to think that stretch marks only occur on the stomach. However, this just isn’t accurate. Stretch marks can occur in any place in the body. Some of the other common places these marks develop include the hips, thighs, breasts, and lower belly.

6. Skinny People Don’t Get Stretch Marks

Weight gain is one of the primary culprits behind developing stretch marks. However, this isn’t the only way that these marks can come about. That’s why you shouldn’t assume that you won’t develop stretch marks just because you aren’t overweight.

7. Pregnancy Always Causes Stretch Marks

Not every woman will develop stretch marks after pregnancy. Some are lucky not to have stretch marks develop during this time. Whether or not you will develop them mostly has to do with your skin type and how elastic it is.

8. Stretch Marks are All One Color

Actually, stretch marks appear in a variety of colors. Much of the exact color of your marks has to do with how old they are. For the most part, stretch marks will appear as a shade of red or purple. With time, these marks often fade into a silver or white color. Some of this has to do with the severity of the marks.

9. There’s No Way to Remove Stretch Marks

There are several different kinds of treatments that can minimize the appearance of stretch marks and help you reduce your chance of developing more. Talk with your doctor about the options that will work best for you.

10. Tanning Will Cover Up Stretch Marks

Stretch marks will likely have a slightly lighter shade of color than the rest of your skin. When it comes to tanning, stretch marks don’t actually tan. So, as the surrounding areas of your skin darken, it may have the effect of accentuating your stretch marks rather than diminishing their appearance.

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