How Long Does Abdominal Tightening Last?

Abdominal tightening is a wonderful solution for someone who has lost the ideal shape and structure of their body after a traumatic event. For example, if you have recently given birth, then you might be dealing with a stretched stomach and loose, flabby skin. There are plenty of things you can do to regain some of that shape on your own, but it can be difficult to achieve perfect results through diet and exercise alone. Abdominal tightening at our Simi Doctors med spa helps you fine-tune your contour so you can get back the body you love.

How Long Does Abdominal Tightening Last?

Naturally, this kind of procedure comes with questions. Does this treatment require surgery? Can someone get pregnant after abdominal tightening? How long does abdominal tightening last? Is the recovery process painful? We will answer these questions in the below guide to our miraculous abdominal tightening process.

Non-Surgical Abdominal Tightening in Simi Valley

Laser-guided abdominal tightening allows us a much wider range of flexibility and maneuverability while you get to enjoy a much more successful experience. Using our non-surgical methods, we can guarantee that there are absolutely no incisions or scars involved.

Our in-office treatment is lightning-fast, using the Cynosure contouring system to repair and slim down your tissues from the inside out. The laser light encourages cells to reproduce more quickly, speeding up the reparation process. You can develop new skin and burn away stubborn pockets of fat using this method. It will result in a tighter, flatter abdominal area.

How Long Does Abdominal Tightening Last?

Some patients are thrilled with the results they achieve after a single ab tightening session. Others might be encouraged to sign up for multiple treatment sessions so they can achieve the depth of change they are looking to have. Your needs are unique to you, but the average patient has anywhere between 2 and 5 sessions.

As long as you continue to engage in good habits and live a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy a slimmer and trimmer look for a long time. Results can last for many months at a time, or even longer. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, many patients enjoy results for years. Some return to their trusted doctors for a touch-up, while others remain satisfied with the changes they initially achieved. Overall, you can look forward to a younger, tighter, and healthier appearance no matter what age you currently are.

Benefits of Abdominal Tightening

During your consultation with one of our Simi Valley specialists, you will be able to explore some of the wonderful benefits that you will experience after your very first abdominal tightening treatment. Patients love that this procedure requires no surgery or downtime.

Some of our favorite benefits include:

  • No incisions or scarring come from this treatment as lasers point directly into the skin without leaving marks behind
  • Ab tightening can reduce and eliminate pockets of fat left behind after childbirth or weight fluctuation, leading to a more symmetrical look
  • Your skin will see instant rejuvenation, repairing itself from the inside out while giving the outside surface a tight and smooth glow
  • There is no downtime required, meaning you can get right back into your busy life after the in-office session is complete
  • Our laser treatment sessions are fast, with most patients enjoying appointment times of 60 minutes or less

It is no secret that abdominal tightening will make you look the way you have always wanted. But the benefits go beyond the aesthetic. You will also feel great about yourself, and you will feel healthier now that your skin has been restored to its youthful shine. This might encourage you to engage in healthier everyday practices so you can keep up with your ab tightening results.

Sign Up for Abdominal Tightening in Simi Valley Today

You deserve to feel and look your best at all times. No matter what your body has gone through, you can invest in a personalized tune-up that will get you back on your confidence and your game. Our cutting-edge abdominal tightening techniques marry expertise with artistry, helping you remember what makes your body so unique.

Anyone over the age of 18 with good overall health can become a candidate for abdominal tightening. It is an especially good treatment for those who have gone through childbirth or similar weight-related changes that have caused the body to develop flab and fat. As long as you commit to this new routine and lifestyle, you can enjoy incredible results for a very long time. Sign up with us today to learn more!

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