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The image intends to aid in visually explaining how hormones affect stretch marks.

Can Hormones Affect Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are an aggravating condition that affects the skin. These marks appear on the skin for a number of reasons, including the production of a stress hormone called cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal glands in response to stressful stimuli. If you have stretch marks and would like to know more about stretch mark removal, take a look … Read more

featured image for 5 causes of loose skin

5 Causes of Loose Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, often stretching and shrinking over time to adapt to bodily changes. Certain nutrients and ingredients within your skin help keep it tight, smooth, moisturized, and healthy. However, there are a few reasons why these ingredients can become scarce over time, leading to loose and sagging skin. 5 Causes of Loose Skin … Read more

featured image for the top 10 myths about stretch marks

10 Myths About Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are an obnoxious but ultimately harmless feature that can appear on one’s skin for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments available for diminishing or removing these features from the skin. Below, we cover 10 myths about stretch marks. However, there are a number of misconceptions and myths surrounding these obnoxious marks that can … Read more

featured image for does skin tightening require downtime

Does Skin Tightening Require Downtime?

Skin tightening is a popular aesthetic procedure that can rejuvenate and re-enliven skin on the face that has become droopy or unattractive due to the natural effects of time. This procedure has become quite popular with those looking to shave a couple of years off of their appearance. Does Skin Tightening Require Downtime? One of the main advantages of this … Read more

featured image for how to preserve stretch mark removal results

How to Preserve Stretch Mark Removal Results

Stretch marks removal can be remarkably effective at getting rid of unseemly stretch marks in a long-term fashion. This is one of the reasons the procedure has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Below we cover how to preserve stretch mark removal results. Like most aesthetic operations, it requires proper maintenance to keep the results they receive on a … Read more

woman example of goal for skin tightening candidates and results

The Goal For Skin Tightening Candidates

Skin tightening is a procedure that can help a patient achieve aesthetic results after they have already gotten fairly close to their ideal weight already. Surgical skin tightening presents candidates with a low-impact and high-efficacy route toward achieving their skincare and weight goals. If you’re considering undergoing a skin tightening in Simi Valley, then take a look over this overview … Read more

featured image for best skin tightening for those over 50

Best Skin Tightening For Those Over 50

Gravity and time inevitably take their toll on the skin as we age, and the only way to counteract these effects is with concerted effort, oftentimes with professional medical assistance. Best Skin Tightening For Those Over 50 If these efforts aren’t undertaken, then the effects of time can continue to the point that most people experience significant decreases in volume, … Read more

concept of stretch marks but skinny woman

Why Do I Have Stretch Marks But Am Skinny?

Whenever your skin has gone through major weight gain or weight loss, it might leave behind some stretch marks. These long stretches of tissue are tightened spots on the skin that don’t seem to ever smooth out over time. Red, purple, pink, or white, you know a stretch mark when you see one. So have you wondered: why do I … Read more

Woman wondering why scars form

Why Do Scars Form? And How to Remove Them!

Whenever we are faced with a physical injury due to a cut, slice, or stab, we have an open wound. As that wound heals, new skin grows over the injured area. The most damaged part of the body does not heal but instead forms a scar that acts like a seal over that spot. Scars can pop up for a … Read more

Woman enjoying permanent acne scar treatment

Is Acne Scar Treatment Permanent?

Severe acne can lead to scarring on your face that may require special treatments to get rid of. Our acne scar removal treatments and procedures are a non-invasive method of getting rid of scarred tissue that forms after the skin attempts to repair itself. Acne breakouts can occur all over the face, back, shoulders, and chest, especially in visible areas … Read more

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